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More about Frome Weavers

Spinners and Dyers


Frome Weavers Spinners and Dyers focusses primarily on weaving, using a variety of looms such as large floor looms, table looms, tapestry looms and inkle looms.


Facilities for spinning are available at our premises though we do not have anyone to teach this skill at present.  Dyeing cannot currently be undertaken at the Steiner Acadamy, but is done by members at their homes.


Our premises at the Steiner Academy are open every day to DBS cleared members, though our main social meeting days are Tuesdays and Thursdays.


There are no tutors, and we do not hold classes. Novices are guided through the basic techniques and supplied with instructions.  They will then work alongside the other members, asking for help when they require it or finding answers in our library, online etc.


Working together

We all contribute by sharing what we know and taking time to help each other so that we learn and enjoy our craft together. It is a very relaxed and informal way of learning. All members share joint responsibility in the running of the group and housekeeping.


Some quotes from newer members

I have had my own 4 shaft  loom for around four years but hardly used it.  Since coming to the workshop at Frome I have been shown so much of the technique and I have gained confidence.


Being a mother of two young children can be very overwhelming at times. FWSD is a place where I can go to when it suits me, but with the knowledge that at certain times there are others there to help and socialise with when needed.  Simply put, it gives me an opportunity to breathe among all the busyness of being a mum of two, and therefore greatly improves my mental wellbeing.


All the members are so lovely and friendly, and they share all their knowledge. No question is too daft for them. I love going to the weaving group.



As we progress, we help to support the group by donating one item for sale for every two that we produce for ourselves using yarns from the large stock that we hold. 


These donated items, plus some personally produced items, are sold at reasonable prices to raise funds at our sales. The sales are usually held in separate premises close to the centre of Frome during the Independent Market in July and December.

Fees and Costs

Frome Weavers Spinners and Dyers pays rent to the Steiner Academy for use of its properties.  This expense and other running costs have to be met entirely by the membership.  Money is raised in three main ways: by a monthly subscription, by a small day fee for each day of attendance and by sales of work, as detailed above.


The monthly subscription is £20.

The day fee is £2, which includes tea, coffee and biscuits.


Additionally, members pay for the yarns used from stock, or are welcome to supply their own yarns.

DBS Clearance

As we operate on school premises during the day, all full members are required to be cleared by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) as part of the safeguarding procedures of the Steiner Academy.  Applications for DBS clearance can be made through us.


In school hours, visitors and new members without DBS clearance can be on site as guests but must be accompanied round the site by full members. Please contact us if you want to arrange a visit.